Industry Info

Industry Info is the one source for industry facts that support your daily tactical decisions or long-term strategic directions. At your fingertips you'll find demographics of every market in the United States with the most recent quarter's furniture sales by price point. Understand the long-term directions of the Furniture industry by consulting the external factors that influence the Furniture industry.

Know who the producers of the products are and, by market, the Retailers who distribute these products to consumers. Take an in-depth look at consumers – who they are and what they think about the overall furniture shopping experience – the products offered, advertising presented, the retail sales floor, etc. Simply put – Information that gives you the edge. FurnitureCore delivers. Want a quick fact snapshot? See our Factoids.

Consumer Intelligence

Consumer Intelligence is a resource for manufacturers and retailers to access up-to-date consumer opinions insight on design of products, the furniture-shopping experience, consumers' attitudes about their homes and their home furnishings purchases. National consumer sampling assures real time insights segmented by 12 distinct qualifiers – both demographic and psychographic.

Industry Reports

Industry Reports is a digital library of market and industry research reports segmented by category (Furniture, Wood, Textiles) and geographic area (Worldwide, Asia & Australia, Europe, US & Canada, and Other Countries) for manufacturers, retailers and suppliers. Whether analyzing import/export options, advertising channels, or launching a new product / line, do your homework using these catalogued reports.

External Factors

External Factors is a one-stop source of all "external" factors that drive consumers into and away from the marketplace. Keep the hand of your business firmly attached to the pulse of America by monitoring these key economic factors influencing the furniture industry in sales and design.

Economic factors include prime drivers (furniture buying population, household formations, consumer price indices, etc.), indicators (initial claims, consumer credit, payroll employment, unemployment rate), contributors (housing starts, home improvements, existing vs. new home sales), and catalysts (consumer confidence and personal consumption).


Factoids offer brief snapshots of current topics pertinent to the Furniture industry based on our on-going research. Increase your grasp of current trends, consumer attitudes, and shifts within the industry through solid statistics and concise insight.

These tools are defined at left. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.

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